Deity hair care products are made with natural plant extracts from the snow area plateau of Tibet, 11,500 feet above sea level. We specialize in natural hair care that prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. We also have an array of moisturizing and rejuvenating hair care products for natural, beautiful hair.

Try our natural shampoos, conditioners, hair lotions, serums and treatments to restore and maintain the condition of your hair and scalp to its healthiest and most beautiful form!
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Natural Edge Tamer Pomade
Our Price: $8.43

This hair lotion has a natural nourishing herbal formula that repairs and strengthens hair for silky smooth and shiny results... This pomade provides maximum hold and shine while adding natural shine with our special AcceleRare Formula...
Deity America has formulated this new Leave-in Hydrating & Repairing
Scalp Treatment, made with Shea butter for healthy scalp and hair...
Deity of Hair Plant Shampoo & Conditioner
Our Price: $33.94
Deal of the Day Price: $21.95
Buy them together for maximum savings! This shampoo is made with plant extracts that rapidly penetrates into the skin to effectively nourish the scalp and prevent hair loss... This new product is made with scientific bio-technology using Tibetan herbal theories...
Camellia Silk Serum Shine
Our Price: $12.99
This product is formulated to heal damaged hair due to harmful chemicals... The Serum Gro Nutmeg is a scalp treatment serum made with nutmeg and Argan oil to promote hair growth and to nourish scalp... This serum is made with Camellia Seed Oil which is rich in fatty acids and is made from the nuts of
Camellia Japonica...